satndingThis week’s Standing Committee meet saw debates and discussions on NMMC undertaking interlock paver-block repair work in the city. Shivram Patil raised the issue of NMMC having spent Rs. 80 lacs on repairing the footpaths on the main road from Hotel Blue Diamond to Mahape flyover within Koperkhairane but the entire stretch of paver blocks on the footpaths have been stolen. When Shivram Patil raised the issue of paver blocks footpath being stolen in Koperkhairane, Namdeo Bhagat reiterated that NMMC must investigate the matter of paver blocks being stolen. The debate started over the Commissioner’s proposal for administrative approval of repairing the footpaths of the main road from Koperkhiarne to Koperkhairane-Vashi. The repair is need since MSEDC had dug the footpaths that needed repair. Further Shivram Patil also voiced concern of the lack of coordination in carrying out road and footpaths civic work that has led to the level of roads and footpaths coming to the same height in many places. Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik said that there was an immediate need of coordination between the road and footpath work being undertaken by NMMC. He said that every time he has stressed upon the need of prioritizing NMMC work in every ward in the sequence of sewerage lines, then water pipelines, then road work and then footpath work with an extra duct for future civic and other public amenity work. Speaking to NMTV News he reiterated the same and said that if civic work is sequenced it reduces loss of public funds. The quantum of work done using paver blocks has risen tremendously with asphalt and concrete giving way to paver blocks for several road and footpath works in wards across the city. One of the technical advisory committees who have studied the use of paver blocks by civic corporations had allowed the use of paver blocks for minor roads on which buses do not ply and that are less than 20 ft wide. But this rule has never been followed. Sources reveal that so high is the demand for paver blocks that nearly every contractor has set up a manufacturing unit for the blocks. Often contractors use sub-standard paver blocks for higher profit margins that result in most footpaths reeling in pathetic and road built with paver blocks conditions today. Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik agreed that there is a need to have a vigilance and quality squad to monitor in NMMC. The Chairman informed that members had also pointed out that many contractor dig roads but re-filling work done is not at par with the original work done by NMMC and that’s why this time members while giving approval to the administrative proposal, members have asked the administration to bring a detailed report of the amount recovered by contractors for re-making roads dug by them. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.

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