mig-club-3Public spaces being gobbled up by private and influential names in connivance with policy makers continue to haunt the common residents. A popular example is the fight of the residents of Bandra against MIG Club where the public use is restricted. For years now the residents of Bandra are fighting that the playground next to MIG Club. The residents allege that MHADA officials for memberships and selfish interests connived to sell the land to MIG Club. To protest the alleged illegal sale of land to MIG Club, the residents of the area, mostly belonging to the LIG, formed the “Maidan Bachao Committee”. Their continuous battle against MIG club has won them hours in the morning and evening when the ground is open for public but they have other demands that they continue to fight for. The common man here feels that he is strangely caught in the BMC and MHADA and feel cheated that everything was kept under wraps. The latest on the controversy is a quite shocking revelation, the BMC’s Building Proposals department has told the municipal commissioner Dr. Pathak that the plush MIG Club in Bandra has done misuse of basement, misuse of front open space, covered the stilt and there is unauthorized occupation of second to fourth floor without an occupation certificate. It also mentions that the club has failed to build a school on the adjoining plot as required. The increasing number of cases where authorities are selling away public spaces under various guises is becoming a concern. It is not just snatching reducing open spaces in the city but are snatching away the rights of the common man and making open spaces commodities only for the rich. With Dyaneshwar Mali, Sarita Yadav for NMTV News.


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