nageshwar--talaav--2NMTV News had aired a report on the filthy conditions that prevail at the Darave pond. Despite the issue becoming worse in monsoon, the local NCP Corporator Sandeep Sutar has neither taken up the issue at the NMMC General Body meeting or the corporation’s Standing Committee meeting. The Darave pond known as “Nageshwar Pond” has a historic value. Besides the heritage that the pond holds for the villagers, the pond is also significant as the locals perform Ganpati Visarjan and idol immersion during Navratri Utsav here. The beauty of the pond is magnified by the fact the reflection of the Lord Shiva temple adjacent to the pond can be seen on its water. However, beauty of the pond is marred due to the pathetic conditions that plague the pond. Filth, dirt, foul smell and growth of fungus make the conditions unhygienic at the pond. The last time the pond was cleaned was during the tenure of former Congress Corporator Saraswati Patil in the year 2004. However, since the cleaning of the pond was not up during the tenure of the last NCP corporator of the area Saluja Sutar, its conditions deteriorated with time. What came as a shock was that NMMC has left a sewerage pipeline outlet inside the pond that adds to the filth and mess. Locals said that they have no choice but to celebrate their rituals in the filthy pond. A local also informed that the situation is so neglected that once a dog had died and was lying inside the pond for 5 days. Even kids have lost their lives due to the absence of security guards at the pond. Outside the pond, the NMMC had planned to make a garden on the stretch of the land but after planting a few trees, today the area is being used only for illegal parking of trucks. These truck drivers are creating a nuisance for locals. Locals are disappointed that NMMC did not include the Darave pond in the “Pond Vision” program. They say that their corporator NCP’s Sandeep Sutar should address this issue as a priority. The condition of the pond has further deteriorated in monsoon with foul smell emancipating from here and mosquito menace creating a havoc in the lives of citizens, yet the local NCP Corporator Sandeep Sutar has not taken up the issue in NMMC General Body. Moreover Sandeep Sutar is also a member of the NMMC Standing Committee and the Standing Committee is known to bring effective solution to issues as the meetings are held every week. But so far the corporator has made no attempts to fulfill the calls of his duty by taking up the issue at the Standing Committee meeting. The NMMC Elections 2010 saw many corporators making many promises of addressing citizens’ woes and issues if voters elected them. Now that elections are over, the real test of the corporators has begun. And since Sandeep Sutar is a NCP corporator and a member of the ruling front, the challenge for him is bigger to fulfill his election promises. Not just citizens but Sandeep Sutar’s failure to address this issue will also let down his leader Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik who gave Sandeep Sutar the NCP representation from this ward. With bureau inputs, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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