Not satisfied with the nearly Rs 1.5 crore allotted to them as discretionary funds every year, the city’s corporators want more money. They have petitioned Mayor Shraddha Jadhav for more funds after she got Rs 75 crore for the mayor’s fund. The cash-strapped MCGM has put a string of new civic projects on hold, but it is particularly generous with allotting funds for corporators, who now get larger allotments than MLAs – a corporator gets more than Rs 1.5 crore for use in his or her ward, while an MLA gets Rs 1 crore, despite representing a population base that is thrice as large as a corporator’s ward. And citizen groups are demanding stringent checks to ensure the money released for corporators’ funds actually gets spent on the city, instead of ending up in the corporators’ bank accounts. Apart from the Rs 1.1 crore allotted as development fund for each corporator’s ward, and the Rs 35 lakh as the corporator’s fund, corporators are asking the mayor for more money. The BMCGM has set aside Rs 75 crore for additional development work – the mayor will decide where that money should be spent.

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