Violating traffic rules and norms, Reliance Company has installed a private traffic signal at Ghansoli. This signal installed at the midst of the highway has inconvenienced commuters. It is rightly said that if you have the money you can have anything. This traffic signal that you see on the Ghansoli road is not installed by the traffic department but by Reliance Company to make the entry of their employees convenient in the office premises. This traffic is not just an added nuisance for the commuters but has also become a pain in the neck for pedestrians while crossing roads. The traffic signal has been put illegally by Reliance something that even the PSI of Traffic – Rabale too accepts. The question is that when there is a legal traffic signal near the Ghansoli village which is just 100 meters away from this private signal, what is the need for this private signal. And this is not the only signal issue that the Thane Belapur road faces. There are two traffic signals at Rabale and Digha naka which are non-functional. Even the traffic officer admits that these two signals are necessary for traffic discipline, but he defended the contractor who has failed to maintain these signals. And when we quested him if the other companies situated on the Thane Belapur road like Bharat Bijli, Siemen, Times Group and others start having their own traffic signals installed for the convenience of the employees, this what he had to say. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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