mgm-hospitalThe MGM Hospital, Vashi case is scheduled for its next hearing at the Bombay High Court soon. In the last development of the case, the violation of MGM Hospital at Vashi had come on record as CIDCO had slapped a notice on the hospital for breach of agreement. The petitioner Sandeep Thakur informed that he has demanded the Kadams running the hospital to refund the Crores it had earned as profits by violating its agreement with CIDCO. In the last hearing of the MGM Hospital in the Bombay High Court, the court had taken a stern stand. It had warned Vashi’s MGM Hospital that the court will not grant more time to MGM for filing documents. This had forced MGM management to submit its documents in court. The Bombay High Court took the stand during the hearing of a PIL filed against MGM Hospital at Vashi for breach of agreement signed with CIDCO. The case has been filed by social activist Sandeep Thakur. So far one major clause violation by MGM that has been proven is that of the chemist shop. The Kadams were running the chemist shop for profit within the hospital in complete violation if its agreement with CIDCO. The trustees Dr. Nitin Kadam, Dr. Sudhir Kadam and their wives had floated a pvt. ltd. company to run the chemist shop. In the last hearing, CIDCO informed the court that they have slapped a penalty of Rs. 9 lac 68 thousand on MGM Hospital at Vashi for leasing out their premises to a Private Limited Company to run the medical store in the hospital. CIDCO had written a letter on 4th January 2010 asking MGM Hospital at Vashi to pay the penalty and terminate the contract with Durga Medical Foundation Pvt. Ltd. within 15 days. The CIDCO notice was good news for patients being treated at MGM Hospital at Vashi as now the medicines, drugs and surgical equipments are reportedly being made available for sale on a lower cost. Prior to this, the cost were kept so high that the chemist shop alone was making a profit of over 1 Crore every year. The petitioner Sandeep Thakur is ready with his civil application that he will file for the next hearing. In the application he has said that the Kadams have personally gained from their pvt ltd. company in the form of the chemist shop. He will appeal in court that since the Kadams have diverted charitable funds and have made profits close to Rs. 1 Crore, this amount should be refunded back. The MGM Hospital at Vashi is run by influential promoters like the Kadams. The case against them in Bombay High court exposes how even reputed names like MGM group of hospitals indulge in activities that stain the noble profession of doctors for pure commercial interest at the cost of the rights of the poor and needy. With bureau inputs – Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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