analysis-1The campaigning period for all political parties has ended for the Thane Lok Sabha by polls and the anxiety has begun. The fate of the candidates is all set to be locked in the voting machines on May 22. NMTV political analysts sum up the over all picture. It’s a battle of prestige – the bigness of the elections can easily be seen in the way political parties campaigned during the by polls. Top ranks NCP and Congress leaders came out on the roads wooing voters while Sena’s Executive President Uddhav Thackeray became the one man army to leave no stones unturned to counter the presence of all the top state ministers. The last few days has seen the winds changing there direction a wee bit. The speculations began with the sudden cancellation of the 6 NCP rallies that were to be addressed by NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar. And Uddhav Thackeray’s powerful rallies added to this factor. A faction of political analysts believes that this is a sign that all is not well in the NCP camp, else the top most leader would not have cancelled his plan for campaigning for Sanjeev Naik. However the NCP camp says that when they are sure of a 2 lakhs plus victory this time, there wasn’t any need for their party chief Sharad Pawar to address any rallies. However, with the opposition making a point with Sharad Pawar seen in IPL matches off late and not being bothered about public issues, Sharad Pawar should have addressed public in these public elections. His absence might prove to be detrimental for NCP. The Sena has taken up all the issues that are affecting the common man in Maharashtra. On the other hand, NCP has chosen to address issues that are Thane constituency centric. The six assembly constituencies that come under the 10th Thane Lok Sabha constituency are – Belapur that has 13.71 lakh voters, Kalyan with 6.07 lakh voters, Ambarnath with 5.73 lakh voters, Thane with 4.63 lakh voters, Ulhasnagar with 3.87 voters and Murbad with 2 lakh voters. The NCP that has a hold in all the constituencies except for Thane and Kalyan has campaigned hard with the target of outdoing the Sena votes in these constituencies as well. Political analysts are unanimous about one thing – which is that these by polls are a trailer of who rules Maharashtra in the next assembly elections. In the last few days the vast transfer of 52 police officers in this constituency indicates that the elections are sensitive. Unless the voters exercise their right to vote, looks like bogus voting could decide the winner. Zeba Warsia – NMTV News.

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