chain-snacher-2Four ladies were put at knife point by a chain snatcher early in the morning when they boarded a train at Vashi Railway station en route to Thane, but with great courage the ladies fought back and with the help of commuters they managed to take the chain snatcher to the Vashi Railway Police station. Chain snatchers cannot underestimate the strength of a lady now, as four ladies have set a good example by showing courage and fighting against a chain snatcher who kept them at knife point early in the morning when they boarded a train at Vashi Railway station enroute to Thane. The ladies informed us that the chain snatcher demanded they give their gold chain or else he would attack with the knife. As the train reached Sanpada the thief climbed on the roof top of the train but with the support of commuters he was caught. The incident has brought to light the lack of security at railway stations. The ladies informed that in the morning hours they hardly see an security in the train. The chain snatcher was arrested by the Vashi Railway Police. While the ladies compartment is said to have 24 hours security guard, this train did not. When asked why from the RPF inspector he had a lame answer of duty shifts. However, fortunately for the ladies, their courage daring put the culprit behind bars. With cameraman Vinayak Dalvi Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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