sewood-police-1With incidences of chain snatching increasing at Seawoods, women today fear to leave their houses. With no police security, women of this node feel unsafe. Seawoods in Navi Mumbai is fastidiously developing and with the development, the population of this node has also increased. However, if we compare the population to the security force deployed here, it is far from being balanced. With limited police personals here, chain snatching and robberies have become very common here. After a long pending demand of the locals, a police chowky was established here. And while residents would have heaved a sign of relief, there problems did not end here. It is reported that complainants cannot file an NC or any complaint in this chowky and are advised to go to NRI police station with their complaint. Women of this node live in fear due to the increasing incidents of chain snatching. Speaking on the uselessness of the chowky, the women expressed their concerns. They further said that the police was not working effectively in this node as they should because of which they feel insecure here. And while the women of Seawoods area are worried, the police officials who are supposed to make them feel secure are sleeping and fulfilling their duties. The security of Seawoods lies on this police chowky, which although has table and chairs, does not have police constables. There is a cabin for the senior police inspector but a lock is what you see on the cabin door. This is the police officers unit where quite literally, they are snoring away. If this is how the police officers are negligent to their duty at Seawoods, it is no wonder that the rate of crime is high in this node and ultimately, it is the citizens who have to face the brunt of it. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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