trees-2Cruelty towards nature can be seen in the vicinity of the ESI hospital in Sector 6, Vashi. Concrete construction around the trees here is strangulating their growth leaving no space for the trees to breathe. The spree of construction activities for development and human settlement often ignores the need to conserve Mother Nature and most often is at the cost of environment destruction. While some of these violations are seen, some miss the cruel human mind. The case of the trees outside ESI Hospital at Vashi is an example of the latter. A look at these trees tells you how the concrete construction around it is strangulating the trees and giving to no space to grow or breathe. Environmentalist Manju Ganguly talks of the concern such cases raise. Clearly, if these trees could, they’d cry for relief. Trees are our breathing apparatus. But how foolish can men be when they build illegal extensions for increasing their space to live but curb the space for growth of trees. With cameraperson Jai Dutta, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV News.

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