d-y-patil-1A seminar on the myths of alcoholism was held recently at the Dr. D Y Patil hospital in Nerul. Alcoholism is a disease and not a social stigma. This was reiterated by the panel of eminent psychiatrists present during the seminar on alcoholism at Dr. D Y Patil hospital. Some starting myths and facts on Alcoholism were revealed at the seminar called “Myths of Alcoholism”. The seminar saw the participation of various doctors, medical interns, students, alcoholic patients and their relatives. The chief speaker Dr. R N Jerajani, a renowned psychiatrist delivered in his speech many false beliefs held by society with regards to drinking and alcoholism. R N Jerajani who has been helping alcoholics and their relatives spoke to NMTV News about the seminar. We spoke with Dr. R Mehta who oversees the medical department of a reputed rehabilitation facility who stated that alcoholism was a disease and we should all do our bit to help people suffering from this disease. We also spoke with Dr. Rashmin Cholera, associate professor of Psychiatrist department of Dr. D Y Patil hospital who too spoke on the subject. The problem of alcoholism is on the rise in our country and it has come to an alarming rate. There are many organizations and NGOs who with the help of hospitals provide their support and create awareness about Alcoholism. Awareness through seminars and workshops is the need of the hour to control so that alcoholics learn from each others experiences and help in curbing this disease. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Pranesh Kumar Roy for NMTV News.

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