If new dates continue to get added to the never ending saga of Morbe waters your channel will continue to report them till the Morbe water reaches the taps of Navi Mumbai homes. Lets move on to some other news reports. How soon can you get a Permanent Account Number card? Well, if you have a dad like Sunil Shah, you don’t have to be more than two days old to possess the card. Vikroli resident Shah has gifted his two year old son a pan card. Vikhroli resident and cyber law professional Sunil Shah kept everything that is proof of address, identity and income ready even before his son was born on December 2, 2008; he also gave all the required documents to the service provider that was helping him. So, as soon as a son was born, he couriered the child’s birth certificate to the service provider in Ghatkopar so that the application could be forwarded the same day itself. And now he has gifted his two year old son a pan card. According to Sunil Shah, the recent terror attacks have proved that no one’s life is safe in Mumbai. So, he decided that in case something happened to him, his child should not find any difficulty in proving himself his legal heir. The “conscious effort” did not go waste. The income-tax department obliged him by giving his son, named Jainam, the PAN card on December 4. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Santosh Pandey for NMTV News.

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