Dance and music are the joy of Roli Shah’s summer camp workshop!!

The Roli Shah’s dance academy is holding a dance summer camp which is seeing not just youngsters but even elders’ dancing to the beat of music. Take a look.

Art defines the very life of many, some just learn, others pass on what they learn, teaching is indeed divine but teaching music and dance, even more so. Dance is a beautiful form of art and expression – poise, elegance and rhythm being its very essence. With the wide variety of dance forms in today’s day and age, one can choose anything from, classical to contemporary or hip hop to belly dancing. Age, gender or race are no barriers in art as pure as dance. So this season dance lovers have come together as one to dance the summer away at roli shah’s dance academy.

The summer workshop is an opportunity for those who wish to learn dance but cannot find the time otherwise.

The academy has well trained dance teachers who seem to have a passion for teaching as well as dance. Children, teens and adults, all are welcome at the dance academy. Other than teaching their students dance, they also give them a chance to show case their talent for their annual as well as summer show.

With cameraperson santosh bodhare, sahana sehgal for NMTV News.

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