Dav-nerul-2And now let’s take a look at news from the other sections. The teachers of DAV Nerul completely ran out of patience after years of political interference in functioning of the school activities by local corporators Bharat Jadhav. The teachers finally lodged a complaint against the corporator NRI Police Station and demanded that the police arrest the corporator. Local corporators interfering in school functioning across the city is reported time and again. It is a known fact that the aim of local political persons and corporators is to pressurize schools so that they can get admissions done in these schools during admission time. One such school constantly alleging harassment and high handedness by local corporator is DAV Public School, Nerul. The school authorities inform that local BJP corporators Bharat Jadhav has been interfering in the day to day activities of the school. But the teachers and parents ran out of patience on the last academic day of the school when the school had its Open Day. Teachers allege that on the last day of the school local corporator Bharat Jadhav walked in the school premises and started creating a ruckus over nothing. They said that the corporator allegedly behaved like a hooligan shouting loudly in the school premises. The situation went out of control to such an extent that teachers and parents completely lost their cool on the behavior of the corporator and came down heavily on him for trying to spoil the school’s atmosphere and name by politically instigating scenes in the school premises. The teachers asked Bharat Jadhav to leave the premises when he started allegedly physically misbehaving with teachers. The teachers immediately went to NRI Police Station to file a complaint against the corporator’s behavior. The teachers demanded that the police arrest the corporator. The NRI Police Station confirmed that a case was registered against corporator Bharat Jadhav by the school authorities. We also spoke with Bharat Jadhav who refuted the allegations. This is not the first time that the controversial corporator Bharat Jadhav is in news for all the wrong reasons. It is shameful that rather than addressing the civic issues in his ward, improving the standards and fighting for better facilities and atmosphere in municipal schools, corporators indulge in acts that raise allegations of black mailing for seeking donations for political campaigns and activities; and harassment of private schools for cheap political publicity. What is rather unfortunate is that due to lack of action by the police, political persons interference and harassment in private schools like Bal Bharti at Kharghar and DAV at Nerul is increasing. The recent mob culture and uncivilized behavior in such cases has become a matter of great concern for the education sector. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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