dav1DAV Public School, New Panvel had organized a workshop for the faculty of its secondary section with the topic on holistic education. Teachers from various branches of the school were present for this seminar. The speech on holistic education was delivered by Professor Bhoomitra Dev, Vice Chancellor of Magalayatan University. DAV group of institutions has always been propagating the message of the Vedas and the progressive views of Maharishi Dayanand along with making available to people the latest research in the sphere of Science, Technology and Education. Today D.A.V. has become synonymous with Excellence in Education. DAV has always considered education as collaborative venture where the student, teachers, and the parents, and all associated with the institutional initiatives play a vital role towards evolving the congenial climate and culture for Holistic Education, making it a centre for educational innovation and interactive learning. Continuing its mission towards this front, DAV Public School, New Panvel held a workshop on holistic education for the teachers, primarily to educate them about the student teacher relationship. According to Professor Bhoomitra Dev – Vice Chancellor of Magalayatan University, a teacher is like a milestone and that a student should see and realize how much is he far from his target. Holistic education also explains the importance of words that is the understanding and interpreting the words properly, which means that communication between the students, and their teachers should be accurate. He further emphasized the true meaning of education explaining that education is a festival that should be celebrated by the teachers whenever their students come out after completing their education in flying colours. After the workshop, we spoke to some of the teachers present about their learning through the workshop. We also spoke to Professor Bhoomitra Dev who shared his valuable knowledge about holistic education and stated that the teacher-student relationship should be delved with an holistic approach. A guiding and leading force of the DAV Schools of Western region, the Regional Director, Dr. K B Kushal was also present during the seminar. With cameraperson Dnyaneshwar Mali, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV News.

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