While the Thane Belapur Road has become notorious for claiming lives, the worst has happened. A 11 year old boy was crushed to death on the killer highway this time. May this time the bloodshed might wake up authorities to not take lives of the poor for granted. Little did Sunil Chauhan – a 11th Std Students of Rajeev Gandhi High School at Vashi know that neglect of authorities would cost him his life on any other day to school. The 16 years old Pawne resident commuted on his cycle. But on the ill-fated day, he never reached home. The accident took place at the road crossing close to the Pawne Bridge where a truck number being MH 18 M crushed the child killing him on the spot. The driver did not realize that the child head was stuck in tyres at the back and crushed to the extent that it was difficult to recognize hid face. When driver realized that the accident happened, he left the truck and rushed to the Turbhe Police Station. The child was rushed to the NMMC Hospital where he was declared dead. The accident led to massive protest in furious and agitated locals of the area who staged a rasta roko. Ever since the haphazard concretization work of the Thane Belapur Road has begun, the troubles of the locals living on villages and settlements on either side of the road have become worse. The concretization work of the road is being done in three phases with a subway and foot over bridge planned for the third phase. Engineering minds at NMMC missed the fact that the traffic at the TBR is not going to be brought to a halt and it was only logical to give commuters a subway and foot over bridge in he 1st phase. But may be like always, dead conscience of officials were waiting for the blood of an innocent before waking up to the immediate needs of such major works. With cameraperson Gyaneshwar Mali, Milind Tambe for Navi Mumbai News.


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