Debate On Donation And Challenges Of Admission Reign Standing Committee Meeting

For the first time perhaps, the members of the NMMC Standing Committee took up a burning issue that haunts parents and students each year during this month – mission admission and the lacunae that leaves no choices but for parents to often cough up donations. Senior member of the committee Ashok Gawde raised some significant points during the debate.

With just four proposals on the agenda and two of these being those that are sent back to the Commissioner, the Standing Committee had little work to do during this week’s meeting. But instead of wrapping up the meeting and rushing homes, the members took of a very significant issue for debate and discussion – admissions. The issue attains importance as its admission time all over the city. Members concerns were related to the high donations that parents have to cough up and the need for NMMC to regulate functioning of private schools that are violating the clauses of the agreement with CIDCO under, which the school were allotted plots at concessional rates. Some of the significant points were raised by senior member and NCP corporator Ashok Gawde. He brought to the fore one of the most clauses stating that it was mandatory to admit students living within 4 – 5 kms of the school but this rule is grossly violated by most private schools. He said that there was a need to take action against school violating this rule.

He voiced the opinion of most citizens stating that schools have become a business for donation system is a disease infecting the entire system. Ashok Gawde said that there is a need for the NMMC Education Dept. to form a special squad that should visit private schools to verify whether the schools were admitting students of the neighborhood or not.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Chairman Ramesh Shinde said that the members discussed all issue pertaining to admission with donation being the main subject of concern. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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