debris-3It’s been over a week and NCP Corporator Sneha Palkar is yet to take action on the debris menace on her ward. We had reported that residents in her ward no. 68 Nerul say that their appeals are being ignored. Take a look where the local NCP corporator Sneha Palkar seems to have failed in effectively getting the debris cleared from her ward. Once again debris menace is back to haunt the city and perhaps has attained worst heights. In a complete failure of the NMMC administration to tackle the menace, reports of debris menace seem to be unending. However the debris menace reported from Sector 4, Nerul is the worst so far – more so as it is being reported from the neighborhood of City Engineer Mohan Dagaonkar’s residence. Call it the negligence and apathy of the police, NMMC administration and even the local corporators, that debris is illegally being dumped here day in and day out. There inaction has made the sector a safe haven for dumping debris. And due to this – it is the citizens’ community here that is suffering. There health is being affected and chances of accidents have increased. Citizens say that they had planted trees in their ward but today all their efforts have been strangulated by the debris mafia. While the NMMC flying squad to check debris has failed miserably, locals voiced disappointment that all this is happening in a ward where NMMC Chief City Engineer Mohan Dagaonkar resides. Not just debris menace, but citizens say that from non – functional street lights to chain snatching and loots – all have become the order of living in their ward. Evidently the residents are disappointed with their local NCP Corporator Sneha Palkar who they had seen only during municipal elections. A citizen informed that every time they called the corporator, she was never available. Unfortunately, instead of addressing the woes of locals, local NCP corporator Sneha Palkar held citizens responsible for the debris menace. She also tried to push away all her responsibilities. No matter how much local NCP Corporator Sneha Palkar tries to defend herself, it is her apathy and failure that so many problems plague her ward with debris menace being the worst. In the municipal elections – citizens of Navi Mumbai voted for NCP corporators because they believe in the leadership of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. However by ignoring their responsibilities and showing apathy towards their duties, Corporators like Sneha Palkar are failing not just citizens in her ward but even her party’s leadership in Navi Mumbai. At the same time, it is really unfortunate that the citizens of Sector 4, Nerul are facing such problems despite living in the neighbourhood of the city top engineer Mohan Dagaonkar. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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