shivsena-1Still reeling from the blow it received at the Lok Sabha polls, the Shiv Sena has switched to a soul-searching mode. The saffron alliance lost all six seats in Mumbai, including the one it had retained during the last elections. With assembly elections barely five months away, the Shiv Sena party is now fast considering methods to woo back voters. On the agenda is an aggressive campaign on the Marathi manoos issue and, taking a leaf out of Congress’s impressive victory, is also considering playing up its contribution to civic projects. This, it hopes, will swing fortunes back in its favour. Sena’s prospects took a beating as Maharashtra Navnirman Sena put up a notable performance, bagging close to 2 lakh votes in most constituencies – an obvious indication that the split in the Marathi votes has cost the Sena dear. But the Sena leadership now wants to take credit for municipal projects, much the same way Congress highlighted its contribution to Mumbai’s infrastructure projects that were funded by the Centre. Especially, since the Shiv Sena-BJP combine controls affairs at the MCGM headquarters. How much will this really help Shiv Sena in the assembly polls, remains a wait and watch. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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