sez-2It’s been victory at last for the poor farmers of the 22 villages situated near Hetavne dam. The results of the referendum held nearly a fortnight ago are out and the results are in favor of the farmers and against Mukesh Ambani. It maybe recalled that NMTV News had aired a detailed report on our weekend bulletin about how the farmers of 22 villages situated around Hetavne dam in Raigad were fighting gainst land acquisition for Mukesh Ambani’s Maha-Mumbai SEZ. These villagers ahd spoke to NMTV News and voiced their opposition for the special economic zone. The farmers had said that they did not need an Ambani for their development and progress. A social activist had also pointed out tht how capilist were purposely targeting areas around popular cities to make SEZ and the Vilasrao Deshmukh govt was playing an agent gong about forcefully acquiring land ofr capilist. All this opposition translated into victory for the poor farmers on the D day of the referendum. The results of the referendum are out and a mammoth 95% farmers have voted against land acquisition for Mukesh Ambani’s SEZ. The state govt. is now finding itself in an uncomfortable position as several other villages and farmers across the state are demanding that similar referendum be held in their area too to decide the fate of the several other projects that are coming up in the state and involve land acquisition. However looking at how democracy has won at Raigad and both the state and capitalist have lost a panicky state govt. will not replicate this process anywhere else, something that the CM has categorically made clear recently. For now, its three cheers for farmers in Raigad who show determination and saved their land from the greedy hands of the capitalist and corrupt state govt. Sana Warsia – NMTV News

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