Being in the news for quite sometime now, the Deonar dumping ground was going to undergo a makeover of Rs 5.5 thousand crore by MCGM. While MCGM might have given the concerns of the local residents as the main reason for this whopping makeover, it seems to be getting muddled in its own proposal, the reason why MCGM Additional commissioner R A Rajeev is not commenting media questions. MCGM had presented the proposal for the makeover of the Deonar Dumping ground at a cost of Rs 5.5 thousand crores to generate carbon credit at the Standing Committee meet. While not much discussion was seen on the expenditure of the project, many reports were telecasted by media on the same. In response to the questions raised, MCGM came up with a justification. With each questions asked by the media, R A Rajeev grew more and more anxious especially when NMTV News correspondent asked about this proposal in comparison with the Turbe dumping ground at Navi Mumbai. An ire R A Rajeev stated that nowadays under the Solid Waste Management, there are many contractors who ready with their proposals in hand. His comments clear the fact that the Deonar dumping ground is being looked as a huge money-minting machine which makes it all the more necessary for the civic body to analyze the project from all angles before giving its approval. But R A Rajeev is so hell bent on passing this proposal that he heats up with every media query. What the Additional Commissioner fails to understand is that the Rs 5.5000 crores which is being treated as a meager amount, can clear off the loans taken by farmers in the entire state of Maharashtra and wash off the stigma of a state which is most known for farmer suicide. With cameraperson Vikrant Baile, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.


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