Caste-Crtificate-2In a shocking expose, the NMMC Secretary has confirmed that despite 3 years post the election, corporators validity certificates who has won from reserved seats are yet to be submitted. Call it the callousness of a government body to violate rules made by the state government that governs it. The fact that NMMC has not been keen in keeping a check on the validity certificates of corporators who have won from reserved seats is an indication. According to rules, any corporator who has been elected from reserved seats should submit their validity certificates to NMMC administration within two months of being elected. But despite three years to the NMMC election, 28 corporators are yet to submit their caste certificate. And this might not have been exposed had city resident Suresh Mhatre not filed a RTI. Where on one side, NMMC has been negligent on this front, the TMC has already cancelled the corporatorship of many who did not submit their validity certificate. Sena NMMC Corporator Vithal More reiterated that submission of validity certificates is vital.At NMMC, Secretary Chandrakant Deokar accepts that so far only 5 corporators have submitted their validity certificates.Another shocking expose was made by the Secretary who said that even in the elections of 2000; six corporators have still not submitted their validity certificate that includes former Mayor Sanjeev Naik. The list of corporators who have not submitted their validity certificates including Congress’s Opposition Leader Dashrath Bhagat and RPI Congress Sudhakar Sonawane. At the Caste Certificate Committee office, officials refused to speak to us. Due to the lackadaisical attitude of NMMC to take action against corporators who fail to submit their validity certificates in stipulated time, the public should know that 23 corporators continue to sit in the house making a mockery of state laws. With camerapersons Abhay Prasad and Rajendra Prasad, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.

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