challenges--6As a nation we are reinventing ourselves by finding newer areas of expertise and excellence. But what better occasion to accept the not-so-shining realities of the nation than Republic Day. We are all proud that the nation is celebrating Republic Day. But for majority of us this day means nothing more than a national holiday when we catch up with sleep and indulge in mundane activities. Worst are the traditions being practiced in schools. Gone are the days when every student participated in republic day celebrations, worse a national flag close to his heart and imbibed the feelings of nationalism and patriotism. Today most schools want children only of senior classes to attend republic day ceremonies while the little ones sleep at home knowing little about what the day means. Our constitution empowers us with justice, liberty, equality and fraternity but unfortunately, they now remain only words one reads. Reality is – failed leadership has forced the nation to see a day when the land of farmers is seeing the highest farmer suicides, we got a lakhtakia car but there is no lakhtakia homes for the poor, capitalism is dictating the nation’s booming economy while basic essentials in the lives of the harried common man has been hit with the highest prices ever, 11 children dies before reaching five years of age, education in rural India still eludes many Growing urbanization, dying human values, global terrorism, corruption, inequality and injustice. Another Republic Day is here when we speak of all these challenges but the leaders choose to ignore them as they salute the martyrs of the country and pay loquacious tributes amidst rich gala functions and then forget them for another year. The rest of the millions of us go on leading obscure lives, indifferent to what is happening in and around so engrossed in our myopic existences.

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