poor-1Its Diwali for all but for a certain sect of people, Diwali is just as any other day. Our report is on those poor living in the city for whom Diwali, more than a celebration, it is yet another day of survival. While the sounds and glitters of firecrackers reverberate in the air there is a layer of society who is deprived of all these joy. The poor living under the bridge at Turbhe in filth have their own story to tell. They don’t have proper source of earning and perhaps no security of two meals a day either, then how can these tiny eyes ever dream of celebrating festival like Diwali. A teary eyed rag picker shared how he celebrates or rather survives the festival. The innocence lost in misery is there for everyone to see. Women and children have no refuge for future. The food do not consists sweets and delicacies for them, but just simple rice and dal. Everyday is with festival just another day. Another class of people who we think about during the festive season are those duty officers who deliver their services relentlessly. We spoke to Navi Mumbai’s bus driver and conductor, who even on Diwali were on duty. They said providing services to people was Diwali celebration for them. Similarly is the situation of those who maintain law and order in the society, so that we could sit at home and enjoy our Diwali fearlessly. The Navi Mumbai police performs their duty responsibly even on the biggest day of the festival. Such stories are a stark contrast that exists in our society. NMTV salutes these men for their passion for their work and profession. With cameraperson Vivek Gaikwad, Shipa Suryawanshi for NMTV news.

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