perfume-3The Retiwala Fire case was one of the worst fires in Mumbai that killed 10 persons and wounded 59. One would have thought that the incident would have woken up BMC authorities but looks like it did not for. We bring to you exclusive visuals of highly inflammable perfumes being sold at crowded public places with no precautions whatsoever. The shock of the blatant violation of fire safety norms that are going massively unchecked in Mumbai city due to failed BMC initiatives in the Retiwala Fire is yet to settle down and more alarming cases are being reported. And the visuals that we bring to you show just how the city sits on dangerous lines that can explode with the slightest mistakes or ignition. These are perfume sellers who hawk outside railway stations in Mumbai and sell duplicate perfumes that in all its probability are manufactured in the most illegal ways. Take a look at how dangerous these perfumes are. The reason for these perfumes being so highly flammable is that they reportedly have a higher content of LPG. Experts say that a little fire will convert these perfumes into an explosion that can kills thousands of commuters and locals in and around the busy railway stations of Mumbai. At the BMC Fire Brigade. the officer in charge refused to speak to us on camera but did accept that LPG is a highly flammable gas that can lead to a disastrous situation. What makes the situation more dangerous is that perfumes sellers sit in congested lanes accompanied by the absence of fire hydrants in the vicinity. If such grave violations go unchecked in the city of Mumbai that has witnessed the Retiwala fire case and is a city that is always on the target list of terror groups, then it speaks of negligence of the government machinery from the local level to the state level. With cameraperson Suresh Patil and Roshan Hate, Aijaz Khan for NMTV News.

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