Ghansoli-tree-2With the increasing realty prices in Navi Mumbai, land mafia has spread their vicious circle to that of the reserved green plots in the city. One such green zone that has been encroached upon is the land near Sadguru hospital in Ghansoli. Large trees have been brutally cut down o built in new godowns and buildings. While many across the globe are awakening to the threats of global warming, in Navi Mumbai rather than preventing this threat large number of trees are being cut down cruelly and to think that these trees have been planted by the city’s planning authority themselves. And shocking, it is not just trees but even reserved green zones of the city are being removed and encroached upon. Looking at the rate at which deforestation is being carried out at Ghansoli, one can easily see the clutches of land mafia developing there too. And this is no speculation. One example is the land near Sadguru hospital, Ghansoli. The visuals you see once had plush greenery surrounding it but today the trees have been cut filled with mud turning it into barren land. Even the green zones of the city are being pounced upon and construction of illegal godowns and buildings have taken place. Every year the local authorities have allotted and spent crores of rupees but looking at the rate of trees being cut down, either their initiative has been a total failure or palm greasing of few corrupt officers has simply led to purposely neglecting of the issue. We spoke to a concerned resident on the large scale of deforestation in the city. Tsunami and 26/7 deluge are a warning bell and it is imperative that the authorities should wake up to this warning bell before it’s too late. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Rajeev Mishra for Navi Mumbai News.

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