Ganesh Festival is approaching and the people are all flocking the market to buy maker or the decorative shelter of Lord Ganesha. Jan Cabral reports. The Makar is an artistic shelter like temple made out of thermacol where Lord Ganesha is kept. The Makar adds to the beauty and the overall ambience with light effects makes it look blissful. The cost of the Makar starts at approximately Rs 160 and goes upto Rs 8000 depending upon the size , colours used and the work done. The Devotees of Lord Ganesha are flocking the city streets to buy the Makar but the festivity price is definitely pinching the pockets of te common man. The petrol hike as also seen a toll on these festivity items. The Makar are made through machines as well as manually at small scale factories in Panvel and Sion. While the price rise is evident, looking at the busy sops and streets seems like the people are not staying back from enjoying their festival to the fullest. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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