cyber-2The police will soon get a cyber crime police station as promised by state director general of police (DGP) D Sivanandan on the first day of the three-day Cyber Safe Thane programme. In its third year, the programme is aimed at creating awareness among the public about cyber crimes and safety. Maharashtra Director General of Police D Sivanandan said that the quality of police force should be improved rather than increasing their quantity. D Sivanandan said that he wants to upgrade the image of the Maharashtra police force. He added that it is not the quantity alone but the quality which also matters while expecting better output from the police. Addressing the crowd, he said that two things that are needed to get better output from police force was giving best of education to them or family members or taking care of their health. Lauding the police’s work in the district, Sivanandan said that “this initiative by the police will go a long way in making Thane a safe place. Speaking to the media, he emphasized the need of awareness of cyber crime. He added that he will see to it that the cyber crime cell and the cyber lab are converted into a police station as quickly as possible. He plans to take it up with the state and within a month or so they will be able to inaugurate the police station. He further appealed to parents to keep a check on what their child accesses and does on the internet. From Thane, Manoj Singh for NMTV News.

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