dharaviApart from the head block on the SEZ projects, looks like the ambitious Dharavi redevelopment will too be delayed. A committee of experts recently appointed by the state government has raised doubts about Dharavi redevelopment project consultant Mukesh Mehta (M M Consultants). In a strongly worded letter to chief minister Ashok Chavan last week, the committee is believed to have called for his removal and said “further continuance of the present consultants will be detrimental to the interests of the project and the city”. The project is estimated to cost Rs 15,000 crore. A senior officer in charge of the project, admitted that he was marked a copy of the committee’s letter to the CM. With the Dharavi blueprint ready and expected to be put up to the government for approval soon, the letter could embroil the project in yet another controversy. The Area: Dharavi covers an area of 2 sq km The BMC is the biggest landlord in Dharavi, owning 69% of the land Private landlords own 21% of the land The state and central governments own the remaining 10% The Trade: India’s biggest plastic recycling and leather industry works out of here.

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