dharaviPlanners working on the much-delayed Dharavi slum rehabilitation project finally seem to have figured out a way to tackle the problem of limited space. According to the newly proposed master plan, slum colonies will be developed in two tiers – rehabilitation and free sale component buildings. The two tiers rehabilitation and free sale component buildings which will be sold to recover costs will be constructed on elevated podiums spread across over 10,000 square metres. Below the podium, there will be three levels for commercial space and parking. Currently, the slum colonies cover 140 hectares and are a mix of residential and commercial structures. The findings of a recent survey show that in all, there are 57,000 structures, 13,000 of which are commercial. Earlier, the plan envisaged construction of separate buildings instead of a two-tier block. However, as per the new plan, the entire area will be divided into five zones, each of which will be developed on the two-tier model. The areas will be connected with skywalks. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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