Slum-Dharavi-4The state government has again laid out a huge plan to revamp Asia’s largest sprawl of squalor – the Dharavi slums. Although this might be Mumbai’s first step towards Shanghai, the decision of the government is not being taken that well with the slum-dwellers. For the development of Asia’s biggest slum, the state government has once again taken out an enormous plan. The plans likely include multi-layered driveways and buildings towering beyond 30 floors. Equal space to slum-dwellers would also be alloted with 225 sq ft. if things go according to planned then this would be Mumbai’s first step towards Shanghai with schools and colleges, training institutes for local potters and leather workers and citizens’ cooperatives. However, this decision of the government is not being taken that well by the slum-dwellers. The slum-dwellers are disappointed with the government saying that they are not true to their words. The angry residents allege that during the time of election, Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh had promised the regularization of illegal slums established since 2000 but was refusing them now. More often than not slum-dwellers are considered as vote-banks by political parties and only a means to get to power. Locals of Dharavi are no different. They believe that post every elections, their hopes are crushed. With cameraperson Lahu, Vishal Singh for NMTV News.


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