dia--5Dia Mirza has been supporting many social causes recently. Most recently, the actress participated in an open forum for breast cancer where she launched a book written by Perernaa Verma – a national level basketball player who is affected by cancer. Seen in many events related to social causes, Dia Mirza was present during the launch of a book based on the life of a woman who struggled through cancer. Her book was supported by actress Dia Mirza. Prernaa, who has been fighting a battle against cancer for the past 11 years, has penned down her struggle. When she asked the gorgeous actress to launch her book, Dia agreed immediately. Prernaa said that her journey through the past 11 years has taught her that being prepared mentally and physically is very critical to deal with cancer. Speaking to the media, actress Dia Mirza urged Prernana to also publish the book, which is written in Devnagri, in English so that it can reach out to more and more people. She said that the book was an inspiration to all as it is very difficult to relive the struggle that Prernana must have done while writing the book. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Vasudha Dhumak for NMTV News.

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