dav-2It is very rightly said that the very essence of leadership is that you need to have vision. And like every field, even educational institutions must have a visionary leader for the growth of the institutions and its members. Recently DIEMR organised a round table conference with principals of various school across the city to discuss on Leadership for Excellence in Education. The DIEMR was established in February 2002 under the dynamic leadership of Dr. K B Kushal who is also the Regional Director of DAV Institutions in Maharashtra and Gujrat. The center constantly reinforces quality culture in education, fosters inter-institutional sharing and linkages, and brings policy makers and prominent personalities face to face with educators to share global trends and practices. DIEMR has always promoted and made excellence as an integral part of its educational system. And there is no two-way about the fact that an educational institute must have an excellent leader to take it forward. A principal while sometimes be related as a formidable figure, principals of schools are also those who provide teachers with leadership and support, and create an environment in their schools in which all students and adults can improve their skills. To achieve this vision of “learning centered” leadership, DIEMR organised a round table conference at DAV School in Thane. The conference was attended by principals of various schools across the city. The interaction saw discussions on topics like the role of the principal in institutions, studying the change in society and inculcating it in education, accessibility to teachers and students. So what is it that makes a Principal a good leader. A principal must have a mission statement, he must not just be a manager but some with fresh thoughts, he should be calm and collected with a good vision. Praising the initiative taken by DIEMR, principals said that such interactions were not just benefited them but was a wonderful experience too. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.


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