_heritage--1Panvel based Dayanand Institute of Education, Management and Research has been organized Heritage – a national festival where experts from round the globe meet for brain storming sessions on the key issues and challenges of the education sector and to celebrate the longest living civilization of the world – India. Held under the dynamic leadership of DIEMR’S Director Dr. K B Kushal, this year too, Heritage 2010 brought alive and strong the spirit of the Indian heritage. On weekend bulletin, we leave you to set sail on a virtual Indian Odyssey of dance presentations by DAV students. India is blessed with rich culture and heritage. The culture of India is one of the oldest cultures in the world. Right from the medieval period, diverse cultural diversities prevail in India in form of dances, languages, religions, people, their customs and festivals. Every state of India has its own distinct cultures and has carved out its own cultural niche. In spite of so much of cultural diversities, Indian’s are closely bond and makes India as a great country perhaps because of its common history. Dating back to over 5000 years old civilization, India’s culture has been adorned by migrating population, which over a period got absorbed into the Indian way of life. This great Indian culture comprises of Indian music, Indian Dance, Indian cuisine, costumes and Indian Festivals. There’s no doubting that India has a rich and mysteriously enticing heritage. After all it’s not every day that one sees the United States President and the first lady shaking their legs to traditional folk dance and folk music of a country? But they were compelled to do so when they were in India. To ensure that the present generation is connected to their roots, eminent educationist of the nation and DIEMR’S Director Dr. K B Kushal thought of making the rich culture and heritage of India a celebration and he named this festival Heritage. Today Heritage has become one of the most popular festivals of the nation. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. K B Kushal – Heritage 2010 was organized in Kulachi Hansraj Modern School in New Delhi. Students of all over country gathered at the venue and showcased the dance forms of their states that reminded all once again that India is the land of dreams and romance, cradle of the human race, birthplace of human speech, mother of history, grandmother of legend and the great-grandmother of traditions ! Indeed with the students who performed at DIEMR’s Heritage 2010, once again Dr. K B Kushal led this national festival made everyone dance to the festival’s scintillating rhythms, listen to its mellifluous music, savour the fragrance of its resplendent traditions. Indeed as always even this time DIEMR’s Heritage was a breath-taking glimpse of India at its cultural best !

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