vashi-staWhile the Vashi railway station stands as an impressive structure of the city, the ticket room of the station is so impressive. The structure and elegance of the Vashi railway station is very impressive, built by CIDCO with state-of-the-art facilities. However, a look at the ticket room of this station tells a different story. To begin with, the room has no escape route. High voltage UPS and other relevant equipments are placed close to each other at the same place. Entangled wires of AC and generator give an idea how concern is the authority about the staff working here. There is a narrow passage which is suffocated with the heat released from the air conditioners. And what’s worse is the electrical meter board right at the entrance which seems to be counting the moments for disaster. Even the lady staff complained about the lack of facility of toilet and its cleanliness. Even the fire extinguisher is outdated with no exit. Another lady staff shared her worry of how the office had wooden furniture, with inspection done only from the outside. Despite complaints, no concrete response have been received, they say. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV news.

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