vashi-plaza-2Disaster looms large on commercial hub Vashi Plaza due to the unchecked hoardings and mobile towers put up on the building. Despite the commercial building having the office of NCP Corporator Shampat Shewale, violations haunts Vashi Plaza. Dotted with hoardings and several mobile towers, disaster looms larger than ever on Vashi Plaza that has always been believed to be sinking. This time its own occupants are complaining and voicing concern. With the building still in the possession of the builder and standing with an Occupancy Certificate, all rules and norms are grossly violated including that of fire safety. One of the oldest occupants of Vashi Plaza alleged that most of the hoardings belong to G Advertising that violates all norms. Another occupant alleged that all unauthorized things are going on that has converted Vashi Plaza into a Mobile and Hoarding Plaza. Eminent industrial safety expert Advocate A V Shivshankaran is another occupant of Vashi Plaza who says that Vashi Plaza is a monumental blunder. An architect said that a structural study of the building will expose what danger looms on Vashi plaza today. He said that the intensity of damage done to the structure due to hoardings is immense. The occupants blamed their builder for the dangerous conditions that prevail at Vashi Plaza. Obviously the builder refutes all allegations. He says that there is absolutely no threat to the structure despite the hoardings, mobile towers and violations of fire safety norms. He however admits that both hoardings and cellular towers are a source of income for him. . At the HQ, DMC in charge G Chabukswar says that like other buildings in the city, at Vashi Plaza too his office has given permission to hoardings and mobile towers only after getting a NOC from the Town Planning Office. Sources reveal that the builder of Vashi Plaza is in nexus with advertising agencies at Vashi plaza that have a strong influence on NMMC administration. It is alleged that they have the blessings of the local corporator Shampat Shewale who has an office at Vashi Plaza. Together they have commercially exploited this commercial hub to the T as a result of which a closer look at the building shows that disaster looms large over Vashi Plaza. With cameraperson Satish Garud and Santosh Borade, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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