standing-3Looks like the goodness and attitude of being fair has backfired for NMMC Standing Committee Chairman MLA Sandeep Naik. In the weekly Standing Committee meeting, the opposition staged a walk out after a heated argument with NCP members in the meet. We get to you all the details with this report. For the first time since, since Sandeep Naik became NMMC Standing Committee Chairman, the opposition members staged a walk out. The entire incident was unfortunate and against the decorum of the house. For the last couple of meetings, NCP member Shivram Patil and Congress member Namdeo Bhagat were having trivial arguments that ended in a heated debate in this meeting. The friction started right in the beginning of the meeting when Namdeo Bhagat objected that the administration has brought details of one proposal in English. Shivram Patil reacted to this stating that the way Namdeo Bhagat had dressed up for the meeting, he assumed that he would know English. Later, while speaking on the need to send notices to every Navi Mumbaikar to inform them about NMMC decision to slash water rates, Shivram Patil pointed out that some members like Namdeo Bhagat had put up banners. Such banners are good for personal credit but not for public awareness. Reacting to this, Namdeo Bhagat taunted that the Chairman MLA Sandeep Naik and Shivram Patil’s stomach might be aching seeing Bhagat’s banners and accused the Chairman Sandeep Naik of using Shivram Patil to advocate him. This led to Shivram Patil against taunting Namdeo Bhagat on his style of dressing. The taunting hit its lowest standards when Namdeo Bhagat reacted to this saying that he was a man, not a woman and if Shivram Patil still liked Namdeo Bhagat for his sense of dressing, then so be it. Seeing that everyone were come clear on what they actually think of each other, the Commissioner too taunted the ruling NCP in a moment of humor. In a query raised by Namdeo Bhagat, the Commissioner said that there was a system to forcefully get work done by administration. Finally all hell broke loose when the proposal for cess came for discussion. Shivram Patil and Namdeo Bhagat’s argued with other making personal allegations. While Shivram Patil said that Bhagat was speaking like he was the Commissioner, Bhagat said that he was 10th fail, yet he was the Congress Chief of Navi Mumbai and fought assembly elections. To this Shivram Patil taunted at the 13, 000 votes that Bhagat had garnered in the elections. This argument heated when Shivram Patil asked Namdeo Bhagat to stop his keertan and Namdeo Bhagat took the name of Dy. Mayor Shashikant Birajdar, who is not a member of the house – saying that even Birajdar gives keertan in his office. This led to other NCP members including Aparna Gavte, Ravindra Ithape and J D Sutar standing up in protest. J D Sutar said that the meeting was crucial and if any member wanted to make personal allegations, they should go out. At this point, Sandeep Naik asked all his protesting members to sit down. However, now Santosh Shetty too stood up and started protesting. MLA Sandeep Naik questioned Santosh Shetty who had given him permission to stand up and speak. Despite Sandeep Naik asking Santosh Shetty to sit down for a good five minutes, Santosh Shetty did not listen to the order of the Chairman. Sandeep Naik then came down heavily on Namdeo Bhagat stating that he had always been fair with the opposition, giving them time to speak but their behavior was incorrect. Everything settled down as Sandeep Naik ordered members to speak only on the subject. However, when Santosh Shetty stood up again, he went back to hitting at the NCP members. A completely irked Sandeep Naik ordered him to speak only on the subject, protesting which Namdeo Bhagat asked his members to leave the house. It’s a wonder though, why Shiv Sena member Vijay Mane too followed the diktats of Namdeo Bhagat and left with the Congress members. While the Thackerays are opposing the Congress in the state, looks like Vijay Mane chose to forget this and follow the diktats of Congress Navi Mumbai Chief Namdeo Bhagat. POST MEETING REACTIONS TO THE DRAMA IN STANDING COMMITTEE After the entire drama, we spoke to members of both the Congress and NCP. Each side had its own theory to justify what happened during the meeting. NCP member Shivram Patil said the Congress corporators use foul language and waste time. Directly attacking Namdeo Bhagat, Shivram Patil said that Bhagat speaks a lot on proposals. NCP member Aparna Gavte backed Shivram Patil on this and said that even during the last meeting, Congress members discussed on trivial subjects while significant subjects like 10% reservation could not get enough time. Aparna Gavte said that only after Bhagat passed insulting remarks against her, the Chairman lost his cool. Sudhakar Sonawane, who remained silent throughout said that the Chairman had said nothing for the opposition to stage a walk out. Namdeo Bhagat, on the other hand said that they walked out because the Chairman’s behavior with them was not justified. Santosh Shetty too opposed the Chairman’s behavior. Shivram Patil recalled that even in the last Standing Committee meeting, Namdeo Bhagat had passed personal remarks about the dress code of the education officer. However, Namdeo Bhagat accepts that he regretted his remark later. NCP members opined that there should be a time limit given to members during the meeting. To this Namdeo Bhagat said that they would speak as much as the Chairman would permit them as it was the Chairman’s call to decide how much time each member should be given to speak on a particular subject. Finally, the Chairman of the meeting MLA Sandeep Naik, who visibly looked very upset about the entire incident said that some members speak beyond subject, use foul language and involve in making personal allegations, which is wrong. He said that as a Chairman, he didn’t see who belonged to which party and always gave a fair chance to opposition members and even waited for them to arrive if they were late on days of important discussions. He said that as a MLA, he’s seen assembly sessions and how there are strict rules to maintain discipline in the state sessions but here when the chance is given to members to talk its misused. Calling the entire incident unfortunate, he said that there is a need to train members. Whatever happened in the NMMC Standing committee is very unfortunate. Looks like the goodness and attitude of being fair with opposition has backfired for NMMC Standing Committee Chairman MLA Sandeep Naik. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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