dhanteras-diwali-5The light festival of the country is brightening the Navi Mumbai streets as well. Diwali is all set to hit the city with a bang. Diwali is celebrated on a nation-wide scale by people of all religions, regions, caste & creed on Amavasya – the 15th day of the dark fortnight of the Hindu month of Kartik every year. The happiness of Diwali is seen in every corner of the city. Diwali is one festival that is celebrated at the highest magnitude in the country and Navi Mumbai is gearing up to celebrate it with more vigour than ever as well. The streets are already bustling with the noise of crackers and the festive mood is felt in every organisation. The season of blessings has truly blessed the city and is showing colours in the city businesses as well. The true fun and essence of Diwali can be felt only when it is played safely and every moment only constitutes a happy memory. In this wake, there are a few cautions that parents and other city adults have to bear in mind. People should ensure that only legally manufactured crackers are used. Also crackers should not be burnt in metal containers, carried in the pockets or lighted near any flame. People should wear clothes that are closer to the body, they should burn crackers only in open spaces and in the cases of the dangerous ones like rockets and anaars, crackers should be burnt bending from the side and people should immediately move out after lighting them. A bucket of water should be kept handy at all times and a first aid box for minor cuts or burns. These points if observed will lead to a safer and happier Diwali. This is a message issued in public interest by Navi Mumbai News, as we wish all our viewers and well – wishers only the best for the season.

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