babus1Putting paid to the hopes of babus on the verge of retirement for an extension, the Mumbai High Court-in an important interim order-restrained the Maharashtra government from giving extensions without seeking the court’s approval. Hearing a PIL filed by a former legislator who alleged that the government was giving extensions to its retired officers in violation of the rules, the Mumbai High Court directed the state to furnish all records in this regard. No one is indispensable in a country of 1 billion” said the court, adding, “even the man at the top can be changed.” The court said the government’s decision to allow officers to continue in their jobs even after retirement was affecting their juniors. The court said and I quote, “Why are you spoiling the chances of people who are waiting in queue after putting in 30-35 years of work for the top job?” The salaries of these officers are paid from the Consolidated Fund of the state government and, therefore, the illegal appointments are a burden on the exchequer. Under the rules, the government could grant an extension only if no one was available to fill the vacant post or the person being granted an extension had some special qualifications, which no one else in the department had. The PIL says that the extensions are granted with malafide intention to protect the monetary interest of the re-employed person, restrain the appointment of an eligible person and avoid promotional avenues to others. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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