loyalty3Ethics and moral values in politics have eroded with time. This weekend NMTV News brings to you an insight on how loyalty and integrity often looses to selfish gains and greed in politics – a perfect example being Shashikant Bhoir. And it also made our of February 2007 true. We first bring to you what we had predicted at that time. NMTV News had first aired the Bhoirs may defect from NCP in our report aired on 23rd February 2007. We had reported how the then Manisha Bhoir had been witness to MLC Manda Mhatre public outburst on Navi Mumbai NCP Supremo Ganesh Naik during the bhoomipujan of the stadium at CBD. At that time Mayor Manisha Bhoir was termed as a staunch Ganesh Naik loyalist. But this did not seem to be true after all when a year after the stadium bhumipujan drama, Manisha Bhoir had no hesitation in sharing the dais with MLC Manda Mhatre and other opponents of her guru at the same venue. At that time political sources had informed us the disciple seemed be shifting loyalties to Ganesh Naik rivals the moment word of a new name for a new woman Mayor started doing the rounds. Speculations continued when Manisha Bhoir conducted the Mayor’s Kabaddi Trophy at a time when Ganesh Naik was in America. Despite knowing Ganesh Naik’s schedule, not only was the Mayor’s Trophy organized during that time but Ajit Dada Pawar was invited to inaugurate the event. Sources say that this was a deliberate attempt on part of Mayor Manisha Bhoir to build relations with the top state leaders of the NCP party and undermine the power of Ganesh Naik. This was not the only incident but many other instances during the end of Manisha Bhoir’s tenure as Mayor that had also set tongues wagging. The other instance was when Manisha Bhoir arrived late at the chowk naming ceremony at Airoli in the same car with Vijay Chougule while Sanjeev Naik was waiting for her at the venue. At that time Sanjeev Naik was shocked and left midway from the program. Again Manisha Bhoir was conspicuous with her absence during the foundation day celebrations of a temple at Airoli where Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik was the Chief Guest.

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