dog-in-kharghar-1Another one comes from Kharghar where yet in another shocking incident a dog was shot with a country pistol. Kharghar resident Kiran Gaekwad’s family is in a state of shock ever since there pet dog was shot dead in front of their eyes allegedly by a local resident. The mother and sister spoke to NMTV News about the alleged criminal act. The police arrived at the scene and refused to remove the body of the dog in front of the media and even tried to cover up the report. They refused to comment on the outrageous case. The biggest concern that surfaces from the report is that a dog has been shot with a country pistol and if a resident possesses country pistol illegally, it is dangerous and the police should look into the matter with as much seriousness and arrest the person who has killed an innocent dog. Else no one will blame the locals if they loose faith and trust in the law and order forces of the city. From Kharghar, with cameraperson Lahu Khode, Sudhir Sharma for Navi Mumbai News.

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