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Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson physician found guilty by the jury

Los Angeles: The trial on Michael Jackson death finally came to an end today, where the jury which consisted of a panel of seven men and five women, who took two days to reach the verdict, found Dr Conrad Murray guilty and held him responsible for Michael Jackson’s death.

After the verdict was given out by the jury, it was a moment of rejoice for Jackson’s fans, who were crowded in huge numbers outside the court, Jackson’s family and relatives who were present in the court were equally emotional and started weeping silently to themselves. Dr Murray was completely silent looking very solemn.

Dr Conrad Murray, who was charged of man slaughter, killing Jackson because of an over dose of propofol, has been convicted of four years of imprisonment and his license to practice medicine will be cancelled for the life time. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV.

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