Alexander-1Dr. P.C. Alexander is one of the most distinguished and respected public servants of the post-Independence era distinguished and respected because of the high standards of efficiency, impartiality and integrity he had maintained throughout his career. NMTV Managing Editor Zeba Warsia spoke to Dr. Alexander on some of the key issues challenging the Indian Education System. Dr. P C Alexander’s recent addressal at Dr. D Y Patil University brought to light some very significant issues that the Indian Education System faces. Having served as the Governor of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu and Chancellors to their varsities, he has closely studied the lacunae in the system. According to Dr. P C Alexander, unlike to the popular belief that the Higher Education System of India has made substantial progress, the truth is that only 10% of students have access to higher education in India. He advocated the need for the rich to practice like the rich in UK and US by donating generously to government run educational institutes. And to encourage them to practice corporate social responsibility, he says some policy for tax concessions can be considered. The veteran leader however says that there is no solution to the urban-rural differences in levels of education in the recent future. Discuss the issue of brain drain with the leader and this is what he has to say. According to the expert view of Dr. P C Alexander, the Indian Education System is following a suicidal policy with most institutes coming under the purview of the state and center. And from the looks of it, unless focused and prioritized efforts are not put into place, the Indian education system with perpetuate inequality in society by making quality education a commodity for the rich. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.


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