Dy. Chief Minister Ajit Pawar feels ashamed that rivers in Maharashtra are so polluted

A report submitted before the parliament by the union irrigation ministry has shown that a whopping 28 polluted rivers flow through Maharashtra. On world environment day, Dy. Chief minister referred to these polluted rivers and publicly admitted that this is a matter of shame for the state. The Dy. Chief minister said that he is ashamed about the same.

Maharashtra has the biggest number of polluted rives in the country, a central irrigation ministry report has stated. What however is most unfortunate that the dy. Chief minister Ajit Pawar has now admitted about the levels of pollution in rivers flowing across Maharashtra and sadly he admitted the same during an event marked for world environment day; Ajit Pawar said that he feels ashamed about the fact that these rivers are so polluted.

Maharashtra gets good rainfall. If conscious efforts are made to stop pollution for even five years, the riverine ecosystems will re-charge and go back to normal.” this needs to be given priority, as the polluted water enters the food chain when it is used for irrigation but there is no action to tackle this issue as there is lack of political will. What’s worse is that now leaders of the caliber of dy. Chief minister Ajit Pawar are voicing embarrassment on the condition of these rivers in public. Looks like Ajit Pawar has forgotten that he was once the water resources minister of the state and it is his own government in power for almost 15 years now. If the rivers are in such polluted conditions, much of the responsibility of this is on the df government itself. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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