vegetable-2If you wish to stay healthy, then including green leafy vegetables in your diet is definitely a good option. But just think before buying leafy vegetables the next time you go to the market. While we traveled to a vegetable market in Juinagar railway station it was found that several leafy vegetables are grown beside the railway track using dirty water. This is a view of the Juinagar railway station and the farms beside the railway tracks. As you can see these kids are openly defecating here, the waste gets mixed into the nearby nullah, and surprisingly the same water is utilized to grow the leafy vegetables beside the railway track. This pipe passes through the nullah and gets connected to the farm. Through this machine and the pipe, water is made available to the farm. After growing, these leafy vegetables are sorted out in small parts which later on reaches our kitchens. This dirty water which you are seeing is used for washing vegetable. From this patch of land, water is taken for washing vegetable. Akhilesh Chowdhary, who works on this field, informed us about this vegetable where he even accepted that the vegetable was with the dirty water. Annualy they have to pay only 7,000 rupees to railway administration whereby they obtain the license to play with the life of people: And this is the hole where thelocals take water for bathing as well as for washing vegetables. This girl admitted that this water is used for washing vegetables. This is Rajkumar who is of the age 18 and is working for last 2 years as harvester: Residents expressed distress that while they had stopped eating the green leafy vegetables, the authorities had failed to stop issuing licenses to these farmers ultimately playing with the lives of people. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Vasudha Dhumak and Vrushali Chitre for NMTV news.

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