education-committe--electioWhile the chairpersons to the various committees of NMMC were elected unopposed, the education committee elections were conducted through the secret ballot system between the NCP and Congress candidate. One congress member voted for the NCP candidate exposing the factional politics that plagues Congress in Navi Mumbai yet once again. In wake of the election code of conduct, the elections to elect the Chairman and Dy. Chairman of the NMMC Education Committee were presided over by Mayor Anjani Bhoir and NMMC Secretary Chandrakant Deokar. The elections took place through the secret ballot by the 14 members of the committee. For the Chairmanship of the Education Committee, NCP candidate Dinesh Kanani, who is believed to be a close confidante of Ram Vichare, was pitted against Congress candidate Ajit Sawant. While everyone had expected the NCP candidate to win, it was the numbers that he secured in the ballot that shocked many. As the NCP candidate Dinesh Kanani was to get 9 votes as against the 10 that he secured. This meant that one of the Congress members of the committee had cross voted against the party candidate Ajit Sawant. The same numbers replicated in the Dy. Chairman elections of the education committee as well. The NCP candidate Vishnu Dhanawde secured 10 votes against the Congress candidate Gurbinder Singh Bachchar who got 4 votes. As soon as the numbers were announced, the results set tongues wagging about one Congress member in the Education Committee cross voting with many raising fingers of allegations against Congress member Suresh Naidu. However, Naidu refuted allegations of cross voting. The reason for Naidu being blamed for cross voting cropped up from the fact that he put up gratitude hoardings for Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik for getting the 2.5 FSI sanctioned for the JN Type apartments. According to Naidu, those making allegations against him have their own selfish motives in maligning his image. All said and done, the NMMC Education Committee has new faces of leadership. Post the miserable and failed chairmanship of Ram Vichare as Education Committee Chairman of NMMC, Ravi Iyer boosted the standard of education in NMMC schools. It will be a challenge for the new Chairman Dinesh Kanani to walk Ravi Iyer’s footsteps and better the functioning of the education committee of NMMC. With Monika Bhosale, Nilofar Shaikh for NMTV News.

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