karkare1The death of ATS Chief Hemant Karkare during the Mumbai terror attack is taking a controversial turn. What was initially being called as an encounter death is now being termed as a slyly conspired murder. Not only is eminent lawyer Majeed Memon demanding investigation in the matter but the Awami Bharat is calling is making some serious allegations stating that the murder was an alleged conspiracy of the Sangh Pariwar and MOSSAD. The dastardly Mumbai terror attack of November 26 and 27 has claimed lives of over 125 people and injured scores more. The attack also took the live of ATS Chief Hemant Karkare which is taking a controversial turn today. The Bahujan Samaj Federation has alleged that the terror attack had been planned and orchestrated by the Sangh Pariwar and its allies within the security apparatus to counter the investigation of the ATS led by Hemant Karkare. They alleged that the basic aim was to subvert every attempt of the ATS which was obviously uncovering the nefarious terrorist cells with the various branches of the Sangh Pariwar. The attack was to draw away the attention from the terrorist activities of Sandhvi Pragya Singh and Col Purohit. The ATS investigation was very prominently questioning the credibility of the BJP-RSS, especially that of L K Advani who had taken a public posture of both defending the alleged terror cells and attacking the ATS. In their press release, they have also stated that Hemant Karkare was not shot in the chest as was reported, but was shot in the neck. Hemant Karkare was receiving a series of threat calls for persisting with the investigation which was and has in fact unraveled a terror network with deep roots in the various organizations of the RSS, BJP, VHP and others. The federation has demanded a judicial inquiry to look into the deaths of the three courageous ATS officers. And it’s not just this federation but, the Advocate Majid Memon has stated that the ATS Chief Hemant Karkare has died under very suspicious circumstances and that he has demanded from the state to investigate his death. Even he stated that prior to the death; Hemant Karkare was investigating the Malegaon bomb blast which had reached a very sensitive stage and had even revealed names of some top-notch Hindu politicians. His death after this was highly being suspected. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Hansraj Kanaujia for NMTV News.

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