sanpada-shop-1The issue of encroachment by shop owners at the food courts of Sanpada is becoming a serious problem for the local residents. Not only have shop owners gone ahead modifying the whole structure according to their needs, they are even renting out areas outside their shop to vendors. The 24 kiosks opened in the month of July this year are gradually gaining business outside the Sanpada railway station. Chinese restaurants, juice centres, milk booths have come up here. Within four months, residents of nearby areas are concerned about massive encroachment. Adding to their woes is the rampant infringement of the area adjacent to the court. Vendors have set up mini-stalls selling fruits, vegetable and gutkha products outside the shops. In addition to encroachment, the other issue that disturbs people is the ongoing construction activity inside each shop. Massive modification of the actual structure built by CIDCO is being carried out by respective shop owners. For locals, these modifications are coming across as a reminder of the deteriorated situation in Vashi. It is very necessary that this encroachment be checked at its early stage otherwise this node too would spell out to be the Vashi food kiosk in the making. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV News.


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