kk-encroachmentsEarlier one could see illegal encroachment coming up in several developed and developing nodes of the city, but now one can see these being converted into concrete structures. Assured and confident of no or little action by NMMC and CIDCO encroachment department, one can now see illegal encroachment being converted into concrete structures. At Sector 2A, Koperkhairane one can see the same happening for nearly 3 months now. Ask anyone in the locality here, and off camera they confess that the work is being done without NMMC and CIDCO permissions. However, what does come as a shock is that the work is being done on the main road of the sector and that too on a large scale – then how has it missed the eyes of authorities. The rate at which encroachments are multiplying in the city, citizens say that in the years to come a Mumbai-like slums situation will emerge in Navi Mumbai as well. While NMMC is aware of the encroachments blossoming with the blessings of politicians and slumlords, with many being highlighted by media time and again – there is little that authorities to check the situation. After these illegal encroachments come up, after a few months they are given water and power connections. When Navi Mumbai News spoke to KK Ward Officer Subhash Gaikar, he said that most of such cases are reported from open plots belonging to CIDCO where villagers erect structures. He also informed that in this particular case, NMMC has issue notices to the owner and if he does not demolish the illegal construction, then NMMC will initiate action soon. A few officials did confess of the record, that in Navi Mumbai politicians and slum lords take advantage over the fact that jurisdiction rights and responsibilities between NMMC, CIDCO and MIDC.

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