While the threat of Global Warming is being taken up by countries worldwide, many are busy wasting the state’s treasury in the name of nature preservation in Navi Mumbai. An example of this can be seen in the posh locality of Palm Beach Road where environment destruction continues as new planted coconut saplings are being destroyed. These are the coconut saplings that were planted on the Palm Beach Road stretch a month back. And today barely four weeks passing and the trees have started to dry up. A look at these trees and the reason for their drying up forces one to question if this has indeed been wastage of the state treasury. The reason is that the trees are not being watered regularly. In addition to this, the plantations surrounding the trees are burnt affecting the trees. There are around 1000 coconut trees planted on this stretch of Palm Beach Road with each tree plantation costing Rs 135. Sources reveal that the land mafia that eyes the cream prime land does not want any plantation at this mangrove stretch and this is one of the reasons why the planted saplings are not being nurtured. Sources also inform that parallel in-roads are built and systemically destruction of mangrove continues. Unfortunately, this stretch of Palm Beach Road is frequented by all the top city politicians, authorities and bureaucrats and the destruction of coconut saplings cannot be missed by anyone. Despite their own leader Ganesh Naik having the Environment Ministry, even the corporators of NCP who rule NMMC are not bothered as environment destruction continues in the open in the city. In wake of global warming and rising sea level threats countries are waking up to the need of environment conservation and greening cities. However, looks like for NMMC this has become another medium to flounder public funds which is evident in these dying coconut saplings that have been planted from your taxes but not being nurtured. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.

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